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Project: Bobcat 3
Day three, The Reckoning...
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Day four:
I lit the body from the side in order
to get a better look at the various
humps and valleys I'd need to
deal with.
Whoever said "ignorance is bliss" must have been doing a dishtop...
...OH, SHIT!!!
Here I've penciled in outlines of
the humps, and lines to show me
if I get too close to the...
I drew an outline of what had
to be removed...
Then I routed a new channel. I taped on a little ledge that followed the curve
of the body, to compensate for the dishtop and support the router, and used
the overarm pin arrangement from before...
...and took it off with the bandsaw.
...and sanded it flush. I think it's
actually going to be okay when all is
said and done, but still, what an
...cut a new piece of binding, feathered
the ends and glued it in place...
Then, to make myself feel better, I
tested my sunburst on some
scrap. I think I'm going to like this
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Okay, not to panic. If I wanted
something easy to do I'd have
taken up, I dunno, something
easy. Shit.